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Our Ministries Mission is to ignite the passion to follow Jesus through His Word.

After accepting my call into the ministry of Jesus Christ, I asked the question: What shall I do O’Lord?

What shall I do?

Shall I preach from a pulpit?

Shall I teach in a classroom?

Or shall I preach Your Word in the street?

In my confusion to make a decision, a small quiet voice said: John, just speak My Word.

At that moment I decided to speak God’s Word through radio and social media.  Please join me spiritually and financially as I spread God’s Holy Word on radio stations everywhere.

About Dr John P. Johnson

Dr. John P. Johnson has a gift only God could give. He is blessed with a gifted voice to reach the masses of souls. Dr. Johnson’s self-titled messages are very reminiscent of the old gospel in a traditional way. His words about salvation, love, and God exemplify what the love of God really is. Each exhortation is packed with inspirational tones that have a message of faith, family and God.

Dr. Johnson’s messages are on par with anything out there, with a creative approach to standard preaching. His messages challenge men and women to come subject to God in times like these.

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